Welcome to Economics at Acadia!

Focusing on undergraduate studies, we are committed to high quality instruction and student success. Forget laptops, the economics department at Acadia University taps into the real “Acadia advantage”: Get to know your classmates and our faculty in small class sizes. Throughout the economics program, you'll be able to have a personal supervision by our faculty to receive an education that will be the foundation of your future success.

Full descriptions of our programs can be found in the programmes of study. First year courses include Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Empirical Analysis of Economics and Business, and four arts courses. At the upper levels, we offer all of the required economics courses you'll need, in addition to specialized courses in game theory, advanced theory and econometrics.

Here is what makes Acadia experience different from the rest:



Leading researchers, award winning teachers, committed staff and engaged students – come join us!