Atlantic Canada Economics Association Meetings 2017

45th Annual Atlantic Canada Economics Association (ACEA) Conference will be hosted by the Department of Economics at University of St. Francis Xavier on June 4th-5th, 2017 at Antigonish, NS.

The theme of this year’s conference is "ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, AND THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC POLICY IN ATLANTIC CANADA”. The conference will address a range of critically important economic policy issues and themes relating to economic development in Atlantic Canada.

Conference Highlights

ACEA/CEA Joint Lecture  - Marcel Boyer, Université de Montréal

Pricing Carbon: Advice for the Atlantic Provinces

Panel Sponsored by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC)

Moderator:  Finn Poschmann, President and CEO, APEC


 - Herb Emery (University of New Brunswick)

 - Andrew Leach (University of Alberta)

 - Christopher Ragan (McGill University)

 - Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph)

Conference Banquet: Keynote Address  - Hon. Randy Delorey (Minister of Finance, NS)

Graham Lecture  - Christopher Ragan, Associate Professor of Economics, McGill University and Chair, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission

The link to the presentation given at the Graham Lecture can be accessed from here.

The hosting institution for this year’s ACEA conference, St. Francis Xavier University, would like to invite potential contributors to submit titles and abstracts of proposed original research papers to be presented at this year's conference.

Students are encouraged to submit papers for this conference. A prize will be offered for the best student paper/presentation. 

We are particularly inviting submissions for papers addressing the conference theme above, although all topics related to economics will be considered. Please submit a title and abstract of your paper by May 1st, 2017 to 

Please see the attached poster and the Conference Webpage for more information.

Final conference program can be accessed here.

Registration for the ACEA Conference on October 21st is now live. To register, online please go to the following webpage.

Past conferences can be accessed from here.