Student Testimonials

Emilia Ganslandt

Class of 2020

BAH in Economics and Environmental & Sustainability Studies

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It was not an easy decision to leave my home in Sweden to go to university on the other side of the Atlantic. When I first came to Acadia I had never even been to Canada before but after just a few weeks on campus, Wolfville and Acadia already felt like home. I was drawn to Acadia because of the small class sizes and hands-on approach to learning and not only did Acadia not disappoint on those accounts, but it also delivered far beyond my expectations.  

I came to Acadia to study Environmental and Sustainability Studies but added Economics as a second major during my first week. I thought economics would be a good complement to my environmental education and was intrigued to learn how economics and development plays a role in environmental sustainability. During my four years at Acadia, I had the opportunity to combine my love for sustainability and economics in the courses I took and eventually in my thesis.

The economics department at Acadia is small, but this is one of its greatest strengths. As a student, I always knew my professors would be there to help me out if I struggled or needed help with anything. After the first year of introductory courses, the class sizes are small which allows you to get to know your professors and for them to know you. The at times challenging coursework pushed me beyond my comfort zone and taught me to think creatively about a problem. The close-knit community also allowed me to get to know my peers better, both in academic and social settings. When I decided to write my thesis, I knew I not only had the support of my supervisor but of the department as a whole. This improved the quality of the final product and made the process a more memorable experience.

Overall, Acadia is a fantastic university. The faculty and staff are kind, knowledgeable, and understanding. They see you as an individual and they will go above and beyond to see you succeed. The campus is beautiful, and the community is vibrant. The town of Wolfville is also a great place for students as it is both walkable yet lively with its many restaurants, bars, and social spaces. The Annapolis valley also allows students to explore the beauty that Nova Scotia has to offer. It is hard to put into words the experience of being an Acadia student. It is like having a second family. Acadia is and forever will be, a home away from home to me.

As an economic student at Acadia, I not only learned to think economically but critically, nuanced, and analytical as well. These are skills I continue to benefit from today. I am currently completing my Master’s in Environmental Studies at Queen’s University focusing on the young climate movement with the intention of continuing to a PhD.